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Brand Activation is all about ENGAGEMENT..

Brand Activations


Our Selfie Stand booths are new technology in the photo booth line-up. More fun, more interactive and much more engaging than any other photo booths out there.

Where most photo booths are mainly used in weddings and other celebrations (as is ours), our Selfie Stand and Selfie Mirror booths can also be used for Corporate Functions. Actually, it is best used in corporate because of the versatility of the interface.

The Selfie Stand and Selfie Mirror are optimised for digital and therefore a perfect match in todays social age.

If you require brand activation and brand awareness, The Selfie Stand and Selfie Mirror can give this to you in real-time as the consumer, or the user, will be engaged with the mirror and your brand as soon as they step up to it, offering them a unique and awe-inspiring experience and offering you great content which can also be shared instantly online with customised #hashtags for your social pages.


This enables anyone who uses the booth to be an organic influencer for your brand!

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Our Selfie Stand and Selfie Mirror booths can accomodate any branding needs from physical branded wrapping, backdrops and photo templates, to digital branded start screens, animations, digital props suited to your brands and products, and much much more.

The functions of the Selfie Stand and Selfie Mirror are endless, and with email and SMS sharing support, data capture is another important feature worth mentioning and it is fully GDPR compliant.

If you are trying to build up your mailing lists, there is no easier way to do this than with our Selfie Stand or Selfie Mirror. Creating a fun photo experience for the consumer and capturing their data at the same time. There you go, we have just eliminated three job's - the photography, the digital content creation and the data capture.

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Branding, branding, branding!

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corporate event 5.jpg
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Did you say digital props?

Yes, I did say that.. What are digital props and how can they help in your activation? I am glad you asked..

We can custom design a range of digital props to enhance user experience and engagement with your products.

The mirror will usually take the photo of the user and then, in the workflow, it will prompt the user to add to their photo, in which case a library full of your branded props will come up and the user can then add them to their photo in a fun and exciting way.

So basically, if I had a company who made bottled drinks, the digital props library would have my products as digital props, and the user can add it to their photo as if they were drinking it, or they can make it a life-size bottle which they could make a fun scene of them hugging the bottle. You get where I am going with this.

Quality with a capital Q!

The quality of our Selfie Mirror and Selfie Stand are second to none. Using really great technology, both booth's are able to be customised and branded to your need's and being backed by powerful system's, both the Selfie Stand and the Selfie Mirror are very reliable. So reliable in fact that we have permanent installs in certain bars and venues.

There are plenty of imitations out there, but rest assured that the very best software is used in our Selfie Mirror and Selfie Stand booth's and the support that we get from them and their affiliates is unmatched.


When it comes to fun, they know what they are talking about and thanks to their great software, all workflows can be customised to the clients needs. 


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Corporate Pricing

Every client has different needs, and as such, pricing would be based on what is required for your brands specific needs. 

We can create a bespoke quote for your event no matter what your marketing target's are. Brand activations are our speciality, but if you have different requirements, we can definitely help you achieve them.

Contact us today to see how we can make your corporate event unique and special.