Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel outside of Sydney?

Yes. We do travel outside of Sydney but if you are further than 50km from Sydney, there will be a travel fee of $1.50/km. So if you wanted us in the Hunter Valley, it is 247km from Sydney and 193km outside of our "free zone", which will incur an extra charge of $300.

Can you do custom animations and backdrops?

Yes we can customise anything you want. Just let us know what you were after and we can price it up.

Do you drop off the unit and pick it up?

Yes, we drop off the unit and set it up before your event starts. The Selfie Stand dosnt need an attendant and will be picked up after your event ends. The Selfie Mirror will always have two attendants, and will be packed up once your hire time finishes, with the option of sticking around for an extra fee.

How long does it take to set up and is this time included with our hire time?

The Selfie Stand takes around 10 minutes to set up and pack up, and this all done before and after your event. The Selfie Mirror takes around 40 minutes to setup and packdown and no, this does not affect your hire time. If you want us from 6pm till 11pm, we will set up by 6pm and then will start to pack up at 11pm.

What is the "Insta-Delivery" booth?

So the Insta-Delivery booth is an independant iPad stand which connects to the Selfie Mirror booth and allows you and your guests to send the digital image to your email, instagram or your phone via SMS. You can also create GIFs from your photos and send the single images too! The Selfie Stand does not need theInsta-Delivery booth as it does all of the sharing in the program.

Do I need to cater for your attendants?

Yes, as part of our contract, attendants will need to be catered for as our hire times usually run through the night.

How much space do we need to have The Selfie Stand or Selfie Mirror at our event?

For the Selfie Stand, all you will need is 1mx2m as it has a very small footprint. For the Selfie Mirror we recommend that we have at least 3mx3m of space. We also need to be situated near a power point, within 10m, along the wall for safety reasons. We do not want any trip hazards.

Can you set up The Selfie Stand or Selfie Mirror outside?

We can set up outside but we will need you to provide a waterproof tent with at least 3 walls, a power source to the tent, and it has to be on level ground. Even if it is a nice sunny day we will need a tent as the sun glare does not allow you see the animations and also the photos will not turn out nice. We want to give you the best quality photos.

Do we have to use one of your photo template designs?

No, you dont have to choose one of ours. If you are good with Adobe Illustrator or a similar program, we can send you a blank template and you design it yourself. Otherwise, if you supply us with your invitation in a digital format (PDF or AI), we can design a custom template for you which will suit your theme perfectly.