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Your guide to getting the best experience out of your wedding.

If you are getting married soon I am sure you are bombarded with wedding ideas, venues, menu, wedding dress, invitations, photography, videography and the list goes on. It is no small feat organising a wedding, and although there are planners to do this for you, I am also sure you don’t have the sort of budget to fit a wedding planner in the mix. I have put together this guide especially for you, to inform you of the best photo booth services to make your wedding the one that people will be talking about for years to come.

Don’t get confused with all of the options out there, I will breakdown everything for you so that you can make an informed decision of if you need a photo booth, why you should have a photo booth, and is it worth having a photo booth.

Do I Need A Photo Booth At My Wedding? I Already Have A Photographer..

Let me be clear on this first point, if you think that a photographer is enough for your wedding, than I will have to tell you that you are wrong. It is, of course, up to your personal opinion but let me tell you that 8 out of 10 weddings have a photo booth and for very good reason; no one wants their wedding to be boring! Yes, having a great DJ will help make the night, the speeches may be funny or moving.. or really long and boring, but beyond that what are your guest’s going to do other than drink, eat and dance?

This is where the photo booth comes in! I know, I know, the title of this blog is “Don’t hire a photo booth for your wedding” and so far I have told you that you need one. The reason for this title is that I want you to be informed about the type of photo booth service you need, and why you need it. More about that later, let me get back to my first point..

Imagine that you are at a wedding. You and your partner dress up, and go to the ceremony. That could go for a number of hours and sure, it is probably the most formal (boring) part of this event, but is very necessary to bring your two loved ones together in holy matrimony. Awesome.. the ceremony is over and now you may kill some time at a friends house or go for a coffee (or few drinks) to hold out for the reception. By the time you get to the reception, at least 3 hours have passed and you are either excited to get the celebration under way or can’t wait till the speeches are over. You find your table and get seated, order a drink and have some antipasto which is on the table to fill that small void in your stomach and ease your hunger. You may be sitting with friends, family or complete strangers. You may have a chat and find yourself wanting to do something else, something fun.. Oh wait a minute, there is a photo booth here. You grab your other half, your friend or the complete stranger you just met and you make your way to take a quick snap. How awesome was that! You may take another photo and then let someone else have a turn.

There you have it. You are giving your guests the option to make memories at your wedding and you have a great tool to break the ice with style - The humble photo booth. So should you hire one? Absolutely!

Is it really worth having a photo booth on my special day? Wont it take away from the rest of the celebration??

Our saying is this - "The best time to have a photo booth is the best time of your life!" . We stand by this saying and not to drive our bookings, we say it because it creates memorable moments when you want them to be created. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a photo booth is worth millions, if not billions.

Your photographer will do a great job in capturing some great moments of your wedding. Moving ones, classic ones and romantic ones, but they will not always capture the lively and funny ones. You want to look back on your special day and see how everyone enjoyed the celebration and festivities. You want to see how much fun they all had and how much they added to your event. You also want to see this to ensure that you gave them a great time and that your wedding will be the hot topic for years to come.. "Hey do you remember Bill and Alia's wedding.. What a cracking night that was!".

The photo booth will also, most definitely, come with an album of its own, in it filled with all the treasures that were created during the night and lovely messages written by your loved ones. A memorable experience for your guests and memories created just for you.

There are so many different photo booths out there these days, which one is best for me?

The only person who can answer this question is you. What is your budget? What are you looking to get out if it? Do you want to WOW your guests with the best tech, or just have a simple operation?

Indeed you are correct, there are many different types and styles of photo booths out there. How do you choose the perfect one. There are iPad booths, Mirror Booths, Enclosed Booths, GIF Booths, Open Booths.. the list goes on. The best way to choose is go with your gut or which one sings to you the most.

I wont go through too many of the options here as there are lots and lots of different types, but lets go through two of the most popular ones out there today: The ipad booth and the Mirror Booth (or Magic Mirrors).

The iPad Booth

Usually lower cost than other booths, the iPad booths do come in all different sizes and shapes and will most likely have the iPad taking the photos, set inside an LED ring to give it good lighting. Lower cost does not always mean better value though.

These types of booths will take decent enough photos but not like a proper DSLR photo. The resolution will typically be lower, which is still fine for the strip print or a 6x4 print, but beyond that, the photos cannot be used to be blown up in larger sizes. If you are happy with this, then an iPad booth is great for many other reasons.

Our Selfie Stand booth runs on an iPad and the software is very easy to use, so easy in fact that we set it up and leave it without attendants. The advantage of this is two fold; the first is that you get unlimited hire time with this option and the second is that some people will come and take photos as there is no attendant. We actually find that events with the Selfie Stand will typically take more photos than our other attended booths.

There is also a downside to having no attendants. The album may not have all of the photos that people have taken, meaning that they have not printed any photos opting to send there digital files, or have not bothered to print an extra copy for the album. In any case, you will receive all of the files from the booth.

The Magic Mirror Booth

With our Magic Mirror packages, you will have two attendants with each hire which is needed to control your guests and make the whole experience smooth for everyone. With options to write on the Magic Mirror, add emojis and use virtual props, and playing fun and colourful animations between photos, the Magic Mirror has definitely been a massive hit at each and every event we have done!

Whether you choose the Magic Mirror Classic, Magic Mirror Neon or the Magic Mirror Grande, you will always get a premium service and an awesome experience for your guests!

These are at a premium price as you will get all of our standard inclusions with the packages and we offer them at a minimum of 4 hours of hire. The advantages of the Magic Mirror booths are that we will always guarantee that all of the photos taken will be in your album, encouraging everyone to write some nice or funny messages to you. We also guarantee that our staff will not boring as we also like to party and you will find that we always get into it with you and your guests. This is the experience that you get with the Magic Mirror packages and it is unforgettable to all who have their photos taken at the booth.

There are also some disadvantages to the Magic Mirror booths. One is the cost. They can be more than $500 more expensive than the iPad booths but you find more value in the price as they come with more inclusions and the photos are shot a Canon DSLR camera, meaning that your photos will be of the highest quality. Another disadvantage is the space that we need for the set up. At a minimum, we need 2.5 meters x 3 meters of space to have a comfortable set up. If your venue has little space for a booth, then the Magic Mirror may not be for you.

So what will you choose for your wedding? No booth, a simple iPad booth or a Magic Mirror booth...

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