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What Is The Magic Mirror and How Is It Different To A Photo Booth?

So you may have asked yourself this question and thought that a magic mirror booth is just a photo booth right? Well yes.. it is a photo booth, but no ordinary photo booth. Let me go into more detail..

Is The Magic Mirror A Photo Booth?

The quick answer is yes.. Technically. The magic mirror photo booth (or selfie mirror, mirror booth) is not a booth at all but a type of open air photo booth. It does it's purpose by taking photos and making prints but with so much more involved. Keep reading to find out why..

What Is The Difference Between A Photo Booth and A Magic Mirror?

I am glad you asked this question. The magic mirror is a full sized framed mirror (or in some cases frameless like our Magic Mirror Grande) which has an encasing around it which houses a display, computer, DSLR Canon camera and lots of cables. All of those are tucked away very neatly to produce a stunning designed piece of technology which will, yes, take photos but also GIFs, Videos, Games and play awesome and fun animations to engage the user and give them an experience like no other photo booth can do. It will also be capable of sending your creations via email or sms too. Did I mention it is 100% touch screen too! This handy feature will allow your guests to write on the mirror and add emojis to their creation.. How cool is that!

Can It Print Photos On The Spot?

Yes.. Like all photo booths these days, the magic mirror booth can print your images on the spot. Unlike other photo booths though, the magic mirror booth can print in many different formats in one booking hire.

Meaning that if you wanted to do a single portrait design and a triple portrait design, you can do this and let your guests choose which of these they would like to do. Of course they can choose to do more than one style and choose all the options available over the time of the hire. You can also make magazine cover style photos and pretty much anything your imagination can conjure up!

Are Magic Mirror Booths More Expensive Than Normal Photo Booths?

The cost of a magic mirror photo booth hire will depend on the company offering them, but generally they are classified as a premium photo booth and therefore will be, in most cases, more expensive to hire than a smaller and cheaper photo booth. The reason for this is simple; the cost of a magic mirror booth compared to a standard booth can be more than triple the price. This point alone will generally dictate the price of hire as each business who outlays that sort of money would like to see a decent return on their investment. In saying that, we as a photo booth business, will offer many more inclusions with our magic mirror hire packages than our standard photo booth hire packages.

Will It Really Be That Much Better Than A Cheaper Photo Booth If All I Want Is Photos?

Only you can really answer this question. How big is your budget? Do I want my guests to be WOWed? Do I want the best for my event? These are the questions I would ask anyone who called me to weigh up the costs. In saying all of that, the extra you may pay for a magic mirror booth is likely to be up to $500 more. So do you want the best for your event? Then a magic mirror booth is the way to go (or selfie mirror or mirror booth). We even guarantee that your mirror photo booth hire will be a success and back it with a 100% money back guarantee! Not many businesses will offer you that sort of confidence.

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