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Service Area's And Fee's

Atmosphere. Experience. Enjoyment. 
These are the three key elements to a memorable event.

The Selfie Stand's free service area is within 50km of Sydney. Every km outside of this is charged at a $1.50/km rate.

The Selfie Stand will service area's in and around Central Coast, Woolongong, Hunter Region, South Coast and

the Southern Highlands.


To see how much it will be to get The Selfie Stand at your event, please check your date and location here.

Let's make some magic at your next event! Contact us today!

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The Magic Mirror (or Selfie Mirror) is a very unique and new hype in photo booth technology. It takes high quality images from a hidden Canon camera and the interface is fun, interactive and intuitive giving it's user's a most awe-inspiring experience!

Our Magic Mirror has some award winning features thanks to the masterful minds at Foto Master in the USA. Their software allows us to easily program a work flow in the selfie mirror to custom suit any occasion!

All our Magic Mirror photo booths are certified "genuine" Foto Master photo booths. Click on the badge to verify..

Here is a list of the great features:


👉Full Size Mirror 

👉Touch Screen Interface

👉Canon DSLR Camera in the Unit

👉Sign and stamp on final photo

👉Insert virtual props

👉Play Retro Games

👉GIF and Video Function

👉Email and SMS Function

👉A Multitude of Fun Animations

👉Customisable Photo Templates

👉Custom Branding Animations

👉On-Site printing via Mini Photolab Printer

👉Digital Greenscreen



Our range of photo booths can be applied to any event! We recently had a comment from someone who said "Great ideas make great events!". This gentleman hit the nail on the head..

We can cater and customise the selfie mirror for virtually any event. Here are the some that come in mind:

  • Wedding's

  • Engagement's

  • Work Christmas Partie's

  • Quinceanera's

  • Christening's

  • Bar Mitzvah's

  • 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th 60th Milestone Birthday's

  • Corporate Brand Activation's

  • Corporate Conference's and Team Building

  • Retails Start-up's

  • Retail Grand  Opening or Re-opening's

  • Retail Promo's

  • Sporting Team Events and Promo's

  • Bar and Club Promo's

The list is endless! Basically anything you think of, we can do!


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Fun with Party Props

Child Friendly

If you are afraid that The Selfie Stand will not hold up to children fear not! Our photo booths are constructed with quality materials that will not easily break, even when children are playing with it.

The screen is special toughened glass panel that is tested with a hammer! We couldn't believe that this much thought has gone into the manufacture of this photo booth. They have left nothing to chance here.

The interface is also very child friendly and in most cases, the kids can use it better than the adults!