Selfie Mirror

The best time to hire a photo booth is the best time of your life!

Wedding Mirror & Other Events Too..

The Selfie Mirror is a full length mirror with a hidden Canon DSLR camera inside. 

It has a unique and savvy user interface which allows for personalised messages to be visible on the touch screen of the mirror. 

Plus, all your print outs can be personalised too! We try to match your invitation theme on the photo template so that your theme is carried throughout your special event. 

Our team offers the highest customer service so that you have nothing to worry about from start to finish; because we know that planning a wedding (or any other event for that matter) is stressful.

Even better, your guests can sign their photo directly onto the mirror using their finger. There are 100's of exciting and fun emoji's to choose from making The Selfie Stand a fun, entertaining and memorable photo booth experience.


Stress-Free Service

Great Features

The Selfie Mirror is also great for people of all ages, young and old, to enjoy and engage with.. There are many functions which the wedding mirror can do, some of which include:

  • Play games between photos;

  • Signature Feature where your guests can write a message on the screen;

  • Virtual Props- funny digital props which you can apply to the finished photo;

  • Beauty Feature- Enabling the user to take on photo and have the mirror touch it up to remove wrinkles or blemishes;

  • GIF Feature- Allows the user to create a funny short video from taking 3 still photos;

  • Video Feature- Allowing your guests to leave you a special video message;

  • Online Sharing via Instagram, Email and Text Message- Your guests can easily have their pics sent directly to their phones or Instagram.

Quality Backdrops and Props

The quality of our backdrops and props are second to none. We are very meticulous when it comes to the best, and this is what we love to deliver all of our clients, no matter how big or small the party is!

With your wedding mirror hire, you will be able to choose which backdrop you would like. Make no mistake, the use of a backdrop is very necessary for great quality photos and we use 2.4mx2.4m tension backdrops made from a high quality, anti-flare material which will not reflect any of the flash from the photo booth, and will not create shadows unlike the rod and curtain style backdrops.

As for our props.. You will not find any paper or cardboard here! Those cheap and nasty props don't only look bad but they do not last.

All of our sign props are of high quality PVC and all of our wearable props are proper hats, glasses and sun-stashes. There is a fun prop for anyone!


The Premium Package

Here is what you will get:

  • 1 x Selfie Mirror Photo Booth

  • 4 Hour Hire

  • 2 x Selfie Specialist Attendants to help guide your guests

  • High Quality Photo Template Designs

  • Personalised Photo Templates with your names and dates on them

  • Your Choice of Premium Tension Fabric Backdrop

  • Awesome Range of Premium Genuine Props

  • Free Unlimited Prints for the Duration of Hire

  • A Digital Copy of all Your Photos at the end of the Event

  • Red Carpet Experience

  • Social Media Friendly ‘Insta-Delivery’ Booth

Optional Extras:

  • Extra Hour

  • Extra Two Hours

  • Custom Designed Photo Template

  • Custom Design Tension Fabric Backdrop

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